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Online Banking is offered by FRANSABANK SAL to its Customers according to the following terms and conditions:



- Bank refers to FRANSABANK SAL
- Customer refers to

- a physical person who is at least 18 years old, with full contractual capacity, holder of an account under the name of an individual or held jointly with one or more other individuals (and/or) and who has applied for Online Banking.
- a moral person duly represented with powers to accomplish formalities and execute operations displayed hereunder.

Services refer to product and services, related to accounts, Debit/Credit Cards, Insurance policies, Transfers on authorized accounts, or any other facility offered by the Bank through the Internet.
- Online Banking refers to the Internet Banking Service offered by Fransabank to its Customers.
- Username refers to the personal identification assigned and issued by the Bank to the Customer.
- Login Password refers to the electronic identification signature, needed to access the system, issued by the Bank to the Customer.
- Customer ID refers to the identification number of the Customer at the Bank.
- Transfer Password refers to the electronic identification signature, needed to conduct transfers on authorized accounts, from one account to another.
- Call Center refers to the Fransabank Center offering Fransabank's Customers assistance and transactions support through the telephone.

Login Password & Transfer Password
2.1 Upon the Customer's subscription to Online Banking, the Bank provides the Customer with a Username as well as a sealed envelope containing:
        A. Login Password 
        B. Transfer Password
2.2 The Customer must change the Login Password as well as the Transfer Password upon his first entry to Online Banking.
2.3 The customer undertakes to safeguard the Username and the Login Password as well as the Transfer Password and is fully responsible for protecting them. He is also responsible for keeping them confidential, not to reveal them to any person, to memorize them and not to record them anywhere. The Bank does not advise the customer to use Online Banking in public places and to be very careful in such cases and is recommended to thereafter change his Login Password and Transfer Password. The Customer releases the Bank from any responsibility, liability or harm that may arise as a consequence to the use or the misuse of the Login Password as well as the Transfer Password by the customer or a third party.
2.4 In case the customer's Username and/or Login Password and/or Transfer Password is lost/stolen, or if the customer suspects that a tampering occurred with his accounts, or doubts that his Username and Login Password as well as the Transfer Password are compromised with by an external party, the customer must inform the Bank of this incident in writing immediately. The customer shall be liable for all transactions performed by using his identification means and liable for all amounts that may be incurred due to the use of the Username and the Login Password as well as the Transfer Password until the end of the day on which the Bank receives a written notification from the customer in this regard.
2.5 The customer fully understands that the Username and Login Password as well as the Transfer Password are considered the identification means, i.e. his signature to verify the customer's identity, and are for customer's sole use and the customer agrees to keep them secret and not to reveal them to any person. Therefore all transactions performed using the Username, Login Password and Transfer Password and anyone using them will be considered the customer. The customer shall be liable for all transactions performed by his identification means.
2.6 For security purposes, Online Banking will be temporarily stopped in case the customer entered the Login Password or the Username or the Customer ID incorrectly three consecutive times. In this case, the customer will have to refer to Fransabank Call Center by calling 01- 734000 to reactivate Online Banking.
Sincerity of Information
2.7 The customer acknowledges that all his personal information that are given to the Bank are true and correct and takes responsibility for any non-declaration or omission of these information. Therefore the customer is committed to inform the Bank of any modification or change in the personal information indicated in the application form.
3.1 The customer shall be liable to use Online Banking according to the applicable legal restrictions of traditional Banking Services. Secret accounts or numbered accounts are out of the scope of the Services. Holders of Collective Accounts (and) cannot apply for Online Banking.
3.2 Holders of joint accounts (and/or) can have access to Online Banking when either one of the account holders has accepted and signed the relevant application form. Each holder of a joint account shall receive his own personalized Username, Login Password and Transfer Password. Holders of joint accounts (and/or) can only perform transactions on their authorized accounts.
3.3 The Bank shall record all the banking transactions carried out through Online Banking to guarantee the proper execution of the instructions issued by the Customer. These recordings are considered as final and conclusive evidence of the banking transactions made by the Customer.
3.4 Online Banking will be accessed through a personal computer "PC" that may be owned by the Customer and through the public network Internet. The Bank is not responsible for the PC maintenance, operations and communications costs of the Customer.
3.5 Even though the Bank is offering this Service through the Internet utilizing the best security measures, it is not held responsible for any errors that might occur due to the unprotected and open nature of Internet. The Bank is not responsible for any faults caused by any software used by the Customer, or any viruses residing on the Customer's PC that may compromise Customer's critical data, and the Customer will be held responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of that.
3.6 The Bank shall provide the Customer with the operation instructions, which the Customer undertakes to follow accurately. The Customer acknowledges that all information given under Online Banking is for guidance only. The Bank is not responsible in case Online Banking is not updated or non-operational or if wrong information is given through Online Banking.
3.7 The Customer approves that the Bank may share information about the Customer internally to provide the Customer with new Services.
3.8 The Customer agrees that the Bank will not conduct any funds transfers, if the transfer amount exceeds the daily transfer limit, on authorized accounts set by the Bank, or if the Customer does not have sufficient balance in the account he designated at the time the order is to be performed. Otherwise the funds transfer request shall be cancelled and the Bank shall not be responsible for not executing the transaction.
3.9 The Customer agrees that transfers, on authorized accounts, are executed according to the following:

- The beneficiary, client of Fransabank, will be asked by the Call Center if he accepts that a transfer will be made to his account from the transferee. The beneficiary has the right to accept or refuse such transfer. The acceptance of the beneficiary through the Call Center will constitute a legal proof.

- When conducting a transfer, the Username, Login Password as well as the Transfer Password are considered by the Bank to be the Customer's signature.

3.10 The Customer, upon subscription to Online Banking, agrees to make and receive transfers electronically.
3.11 The Bank will consider the Customer's request for a checkbook submitted through Online Banking. Based on the Bank's approval, the Customer agrees in advance to pay, by means of debiting his account, the fees established by the Bank for checkbook issuance and shall receive his checkbook from the concerned Branch.
3.12 The Customer alone shall bear responsibility for losses from any transactions that may arise as a result of debiting his account or transferring any amount to another customer's account provided through Online Banking by mistake. The Customer acknowledges his responsibility to verify the accuracy of the transactions and the entries registered in his accounts, and to renounce any discussions or disputes in their regard.
3.13 Upon receipt of the Statement of Account, the Customer shall consider all the transactions performed through Online Banking recorded in the Statement. In case the Customer suspects any mistake or omission in any transaction conducted through Online Banking, the Customer shall refer back to his Branch.
3.14 The Electronic mail, provided through Online Banking, is used as a means of secure correspondence between the Bank and the Customer. As related to Online Banking services, the Customer must send e-mail messages to the Bank only through Online Banking. The Customer agrees to receive e-mail messages from the Bank that the Customer chooses to receive through this service. The Customer is considered a recipient of any messages the Bank sends to the Customer. The Bank bears no responsibility for any delay, damage or problems that the Customer may encounter while the Customer sends e-mail messages to the Bank, or in case the Bank sends to the Customer e-mail messages upon his request through the Internet.
3.15 The Customer also agrees to receive SMS messages on the mobile phone number he predefines. These SMS messages include information on transactions which the Customer chooses to receive through this service, e.g. payment executed through his Credit / Debit Card.
3.16 The Customer hereby expressly releases the Bank from any responsibility as a result of the Bank's obligation to Bank secrecy in the understanding of the applicable law, in case a Third Party accessed the Customer's account, or obtained information about his Bank accounts, transactions, Credit Cards, etc… without the direct or indirect input of the Bank and to the extent necessary the Customer waives any right or claim in connection therewith.
3.17 The transactions registered through Online Banking and transmitted by data processing, will constitute the only proof of movements made by the Customer. The Customer waives any right of objection related to these transactions and releases the Bank from the responsibility of any loss he may incur, or that may result from a malfunction of the service.
3.18 The Customer may request to apply for new Services provided by Online Banking or renounce on existing ones. The Bank also has the right to make available a new service and/or cancel any offered service in Online Banking.
3.19 The Bank shall at any time, and for any period of time, without giving any reasons and without any prior notice have the right to alter the General Conditions of Online Banking.
4.1 The Customer agrees to pay all fees and charges that might be set by the Bank for the use of Online Banking. The Customer also agrees to pay additional fees and charges of certain functionalities of Online Banking, for which he has the right to choose or not. The Customer authorizes the Bank to debit such fees and charges from any account he has with the Bank.
4.2 The Customer agrees to pay fees / charges based on the current charges applied at the Bank for operations conducted through Online Banking that the Bank normally charges for, e.g. Checkbook order fees.
4.3 The Bank reserves the right to set and / or modify the fees and charges of the Services payable by the Customer without prior notice or explanations.
5.1 The Bank has the right to terminate the use of Online Banking without any prior notice and at any time. The Customer as well, at any time, has the right to terminate this Agreement through a signed letter addressed to his Branch.
5.2 If the Customer terminated Online Banking, any scheduled payment order requested by the Customer will still be performed on the business day specified by the Customer, in case the payment order is not cancelled by him and on a condition of having sufficient balance in the Customer's account.
5.3 The Bank shall automatically suspend Online Banking as soon as the Bank is notified of the Customer's death.
6.1 This Agreement and all matters arising under or by virtue of it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Lebanese Laws.
6.2 All disputes arising out of the interpretation or execution of the present Agreement shall be finally settled under the rules of conciliation and arbitration at the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said rules. The parties hereto declare accepting the provisions of the said rules and undertake to abide by them.
6.3 Both parties have the right to present documentation to support their points of view before the arbitrators.
6.4 The Bank has the right not to take advantage of the above-mentioned arbitrary clause and to have recourse to the competent Courts of Beirut for the interpretation or execution of the present Agreement.
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